Selling Real Estate

The first step in selling your own home is to decide whether you have sufficient time to devote to properly show and market your house for sale.

For a significant number of our clients, homes can be successfully sold for a fair price while at the same time avoiding a six to seven percent realtor commission. On the other hand, many of our clients are better off letting a professional realtor earn his or her commission to secure a buyer. Either way, Young & Young Attorneys can help you decide.

Our law office is happy to provide all of the legally required disclosure forms, contract forms, and other legal documents necessary to close the transaction.

Helping You Step by Step

If you decide to attempt the sale by-owner route, making an appointment to meet with your real estate lawyer to discuss the specifics of your situation before you commence the advertising for-sale process is an excellent second step.

We will discuss with you the required disclosure forms; establishing a fair asking price and sales price for your residence; and how to handle the negotiation process. After the contract is signed we will guide you through the settlement and review all settlement documents prior to closing.

There is simply no substitute for having an experienced real estate lawyer on your side every step of the way from the very beginning to the final closing of the sale.